For the second consecutive year, Janashakthi Group (JXG) has stepped in as the title sponsor for the Battle of the Hindus, the cricket encounter between Hindu College Colombo and Jaffna Hindu College. This sponsorship underscores Janashakthi Group’s long-standing commitment to supporting cricket in Sri Lanka, as well as its dedication to nurturing young, aspiring athletes.

With the objective of fostering camaraderie and elevating the standard of college cricket, Hindu College Colombo and Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys’ Associations (OBAs) collaboratively initiated the Annual Cricket Encounter. The inaugural match took place in Colombo 1982, followed by the second encounter hosted by Jaffna Hindu College in 1983. Due to various circumstances the match could not be conducted every year despite significant efforts by both parties. After a substantial hiatus, a 40-overs encounter was played in Colombo in 2005. The fourth match was held in Colombo in 2013, and subsequently, from 2014 to 2019, both schools alternated as hosts of the event. Following an interruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the twelfth encounter was successfully held in Colombo in 2023 with Janashakthi Group as the title sponsor. 2023 encounter concluded with Jaffna Hindu College winning the match.

The match will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Sri Lanka School Cricket Association (SSCA), ensuring fair play and competitive spirit throughout the two-day event. The Battle of Hindus promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent, sportsmanship, and tradition, and Janashakthi Group takes pride in its role in supporting this event.