Janashakthi Group (JXG) recently celebrated a significant milestone on April 5, 2024, with the “JXG Staff Summit.” This event commemorated the Group’s transformative 30-year journey, bringing together over 1000 staff members, Board of Directors, and leadership teams from its key business units, along with Group-level teams and other business partners. Additionally, the event served as a platform to celebrate the impressive financial performances of all key business units during the past financial year, demonstrating resilience amidst challenging market conditions.

JXG has been steadily building its presence in the finance industry in Sri Lanka, solidifying itself as a financial conglomerate. Janashakthi Group (JXG) comprises First Capital, a renowned investment institution; Janashakthi Life, specializing in the life insurance sector; and Orient Finance, a leading finance company in the NBFI sector. Functioning primarily as an investment holding company, the Group (JXG) invests in its subsidiaries and offers shared services across key business units. Collectively, the entire Group brings expertise of over four decades in the financial sector. Moreover, Janashakthi Group also has a philanthropic arm, the Janashakthi Foundation, which actively engages in charitable initiatives and community development projects.

The summit served as a platform for fostering a sense of unity among all of JXG’s employees, while also serving as an opportunity to strengthen the organization’s overarching brand identity, aligning everyone with its core values, and vision. Through the reinforced theme of “Stronger Together, Stronger than Ever,” the JXG Staff Summit highlighted the Group’s dedication to togetherness and outlined a compelling vision for the future that multiplied potential and opportunities for all stakeholders. The ‘X’ in the brand’s name symbolized these limitless, exciting possibilities, expansion, and exponential growth.

The event featured addresses by Chandan de Silva, Chairman; Prakash Schaffter, Deputy Chairman; Eardley Perera, Non-Executive Non-Independent Director; and Ramesh Schaffter, MD/Group CEO of Janashakthi Group. A stimulating rapid-fire session with the CEOs of each business unit—Dilshan Wirasekara, MD/CEO of First Capital; Ravi Liyanage, Director/CEO of Janashakthi Life; and KMM Jabir, Director/CEO of Orient Finance—also took place. The event also included captivating staff performances and entertainment acts from top Sri Lankan performers, creating an atmosphere of excitement. The JXG Staff Summit also took the opportunity to show gratitude to Mr. CTA Schaffter, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of Janashakthi Group, whose visionary leadership led to the establishment of the first specialized life insurance company in Sri Lanka and spearheaded the organization to its current stature.

Ramesh Schaffter, MD/Group CEO of Janashakthi Group, emphasized the significance of the JXG Staff Summit, stating, “We’ve been eagerly awaiting this occasion for nearly two years. Janashakthi Group had planned this gathering in 2022, but unfortunately, due to prevailing economic crises and macro-level issues at the time, this official staff gathering had to be postponed. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that the wait has been worthwhile. By uniting our diverse workforce, we not only celebrated recent achievements, such as all our key business units experiencing fantastic financial years, but also sought to foster a sense of belonging and align everyone towards a future of collaborative innovation for exponential growth. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Board of Directors across the Group, our dynamic leadership teams, and, most importantly, to our dedicated staff members who have truly made this journey remarkable thus far.”

The JXG Staff Summit concluded by reinforcing the organization’s broader vision: to multiply the potential of every Sri Lankan through their collaborative efforts, and setting the stage for a future filled with exciting opportunities and collective success.